Thursday, September 15, 2016

Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken - Huntington Beach, CA

Slave girl, friends, and I had a meet up for lunch at Huntington Beach. Friend told us to try this joint since she has never been there before. I remember having Peruvian food some other places in LA and really miss the green crack sauce, so heck yes, let's get some of those Huntington Beach Peruvian food!

Parking was super easy with lots of space available at the parking lot. The restaurant was small with very narrowed seating. Not suitable for large parties. I noticed the majority of the business were take out orders so eat in should not be an issue.

Wall menu, additional pictured menu available

We ordered lomo saltado, arroz de pollo, and ceviche pescado. Slave girl said lomo was good, I agreed with her. The meat was seasoned right and pretty tasty. To be honest, that should be the signature dish of the restaurant instead of chicken.

Complimentary bread

Lomo Saltado

My arroz de pollo sadly did not meet my expectation. Let's start with the portion of the chicken. On their pictured menu, the chicken looked huge and the color looked vibrant. In reality, that chicken was smaller than my fist and it was dry and bland once I reached the area with no sauce. The only good thing on that dish was the rice. It was tasty and the flavor was spot on.

Arroz de pollo

The flavor was great with the ceviche. I actually prefer Peruvian ceviche over Mexican ceviche because Peruvian ceviche is saltier and the flavor impact is way stronger. The only problem I had with the ceviche was the fish had a lot tendons and it was hard to swallow. It was to a point I thought I was eating fish jerkys if such things exist. So chewy...

Peruvian ceviche
The damage for 3 dishes

Overall experience, the staff were nice but not amazing. The food was decent but not something I would drive out of my way for. Aji sauce wasn't bad but not the best I've tried. If I were in the area, I may stop by again, but not something I would crave for on a weekly basis.

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