Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Chago Tortas Ahogadas - Montebello, CA

Recently I was invited to an event meeting with some of the successful southern California Hispanic business leaders. While it was exciting to hear about their stories, what really got me going was the meeting location. That's right, Chago Tortas Ahogadas in Montebello!!

Semi open kitchen

Comfy booth

My man Roberto Carlos Lemus sharing his story

I have tried tortas before but never had I tried it wet style. For the night, they served their famous carnita tortas ahogada that was originated from Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico. To make their tortas authentic, they even bake their own bread called birote salado from the oven in their kitchen. It was a messy plate but I throughly enjoyed the mild sauce they used over the torta, just enough spice to tingle your tongue but yet still able to taste everything else.

Freshly made bread

Torta Ahogadas with pork

I also asked them to let me try the fried  potato taco. It was bathed in the same sauce as the torta ahogada and tasty as well. I was convinced that sauce could enhanced any food it touched. If the sauce is not spicy enough for you, try their HOT sauce instead. It was flaming hot made with chili de arbol. Oh man it was spicy.

All kind of different tacos

Potato taco

Spicy HOT sauce

On top of the delicious food, they have michelada to cool you down on a hot summer day. There's a deal for $10, you get to enjoy the michelada and keep the hefty mug afterwards. Good stuff.

Michelada heaven!

Yum, Modelo

Nice looking mug

I would definitely suggest to give this place a try especially if you have never tried wet tortas. Let me know how you like the food.

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