Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nha Trang - Monterey Park, CA

Slave girl and I tried this place at Rowland Heights but we never tried the "original spot" before. Well, we didn't find it but this one was close by. Since I had a hang over, what's a better time to try this place out?

The parking was meh since it was street parking only. We got lucky because it was around 2pm but I couldn't imagine how bad it could be during rush hour.

We ordered #1 spicy beef noodle soup and #3 Vietnamese beef noodle soup. I liked the pork blood and pork knuckle that came with #1, they tasted way better than the beef in the bowl. The broth was pretty much the same as their pho but mildly spicy. Maybe they should call it spicy meat noodle soup.

One page menu

#1 Spicy beef noodle soup

#3 pho came with a lot of meat including meatballs, score! The broth was on the sweet side and not something I love. However the broth was hot the entire time and after squeezing lime juice into the broth, it was enjoyable.

#3 Pho

Some odd things happened in the middle of our dining. We got some condiments on the table for our food and I was actually using it. Out of no where, a worker came to the table, without a word, took our condiments away. I understand they were refilling the sauces before the dinner time, but why couldn't they either 1. Wait until we finish, or 2. Replaced a set with the ones they filled already. I finally decided to ask for the sauce back, and the worker jacked the condiments away from another diner's table. Smh. They did refill our water once which totally shocked me and slave girl. I told you something odd happened...

Overall, the food wasn't bad but it's not something I care for. Even though pho is pho, the flavor can still be different. This one was not for me.

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