Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken - Los Angeles, CA

Woohoo, a co-worker had a birthday and we were told to meet at Gus's for lunch. I remember they were just opened not that long again and finally got a reason to try out the famous fried chicken!

The parking was... odd. They had a little lot in the back for take out customers, but if you wanted to eat there, sorry, street parking only. Unless 90% of their business are take out orders, they should probably reserve one take out parking and use the rest for dine in customers.

I was going to split the 8 pieces dark meat with one of my co-worker, but we didn't know the chicken came in petite size so we decided to order our own plate in case there were too much meat for us. I got 3 pieces dark meat combo for $11.60 that came with 2 thighs and 1 leg. I also subbed the bean with mac and cheese for 50 cents extra. Be aware, it is 50 cents per item, not for both sides.

The chicken was fried really well. Crispy skin over juicy, moist meat. With a bit of Louisiana hot sauce, that chicken was so good. Only issue I found was the skin being too salty. The first 2 pieces were fine, but by the 3rd piece, I had to chug down my water in order to finish the chicken. Maybe they had a bad day in the kitchen? Another thing I found odd was the white toast. All the chicken places I have been to gave me dinner rolls and I have never had a white toast with my fried chicken before. I am guessing the reason of its existence was to soak up the oil from the chicken, but the chicken was drained so well there was no oil at all so, dry dry dry.

My mac and cheese had no flavor, slaw was standard tasting. Co-worker had beans and potato salad which was pretty average as well. However we all agreed the beans tasted best among all our sides since that was the only thing had any flavors.

The staff was friendly and nice, but service was similar to San Gabriel Asian restaurants, once you got your stuff, they would be gone unless you wave them over for assistance. If you like fried chicken, definitely try it once, just make sure to skip the sides and get chicken only.

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