Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bailey Street Kitchen - Whittier, CA

Slave girl, friends, and I got up super early to hike hellman in Whittier. After self destruction for hours (is that why it's called hell, man?) we finally rolled to the bottom of the hill and ready to refill the calories we had lost. Bailey Street Kitchen sounded decent and we were excited.

Outside waiting area

The location did not have a parking structure and heavily relied on street parking. I am guessing it would be easier to park on the week days, but Sunday around noon was definitely not an easy task.

Fancy water with lemon and cucumber

I started with bottomless mimosa (well of course) and they also had champagne with cranberry juicy as another mimosa option.

For food, I got cioppino and a side of bacon. The flavor of cioppino was good but I am not a huge fan on stewed salmon because it gets firm and quite flavorless. The dish would be so different and better in my opinion if it was served with white fish, such as cod. The bacon was OK, not worth the ordering.


Slave girl got bailey's chicken & waffle. I tried one bite and there was no cheese nor bacon in my bite. Everything in that one bite was OK, nothing stood out. Slave girl was not a fan at all especially she didn't even finish the plate. It was a shock to me since I knew she was hungry. I probably wouldn't have ordered that based on her reaction... Oh wait, I didn't.

Bailey's chicken & waffle

The service was alright. Our waitress, Crystal, was overwhelmed with a full house but yet, still remember to fill up my mimosa. The dinning environment was relaxed with a lot of families. It's an upper scaled dinner and if you are hiking in Whittier, this is a nice place to be after.

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