Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Noodle King - Alhambra, CA

Technically speaking, since I was in slave girl's hood, she usually picks on where to eat for dinner. But I was craving beef noodle soup so I overrided her and decided to give noodle king a try.

When we got to the parking lot, I was shocked to see Kai Ramen. For the love of my life, I couldn't recall noodle king being there at all even though it was right next to Kai Ramen. After carefully looking around my surroundings, I started to wonder why this plaza was not called Wendy's Noodle Square with all the noodle shops around. Anyway, parking was reasonable and didn't take long.

After we walked in, we were greeted in Chinese. Based on yelp reviews, it seemed easier for the workers to communicate in Chinese so I made the order in Chinese. We got beef noodle soup, half beef half tendon noodle soup, boiled veggie, green onion pancake, and spicy wonton.

The boiled veggie was nothing special, but for just under $5, it was good to get our fiber on. The green onion pancake was decent but a little oily on the top. After we soaked the oil off with napkins, it turned out better especially after dipping with soy sauce.

Onto the noodles, the meat and tendon were cooked really well. They were tender and flavorful. The broth at first was not that impressive due to the lack of bold beefy flavor. However after we mixed in the pickled veggie, the broth came alive and it became something I truly enjoyed.

The spicy wonton on the other hand would be something I do not recommend. It had spicy oil in it, but it ALSO had sweet sesame or peanut sauce too. So I got this strange flavor of the two combined and it just didn't taste right for me. Personally I preferred the chendu style when it comes to spicy wonton.

It's a shame that my verdict for this restaurant would be higher if the only thing I had was just beef noodle soup, but since we tried other stuff on the menu, that brought down my satisfaction a little. Still a great place for beef noodle soup though!

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