Monday, September 19, 2016

Casa Oaxaca - Culver City, CA

Recently slave girl and I were invited to a wine tasting and dinner event at Casa Oaxaca in Culver City to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day. Parking was a little challenging due to the shared small parking lot but nothing a street parking couldn't solve.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with wines from Valle de Guadalupe. There were 4 different kind of wines ranged from red, rose to white for us to try and Hemisferio was my favorite of the night.

During the wine tasting, Casa Oaxaca was also providing hors d'oeuvre from their kitchen to pair with the wines. I am not sure if those items are on their regular menu, but they were very tasty and just enough to make me craving for more.

After the wine tasting, we were treated a 3 course dinner from Casa Oaxaca. The restaurant was cozy with plenty of outdoor seating and a space designed for live performer to entertain the diners.

Again, I am not sure if the dishes on the 3-course menu are severed on a regular basis, but I have a feeling they would make it for you if you have asked.

We started the meal with tortilla soup. It was creamy with a little kick to it. The tortilla in the soup was crunchy and added a good texture change to the soup.

For the main course, we got rib eye with nopales and shrimp with mild spicy mezcal. I was a big fan of their rib eye. Great flavor prepared with jalapeƱos and green onion, perfectly cooked to medium rare. I was given fresh tortillas to wrap steak, guac, and nopales into one bite. It was a perfect bite and no shrimp dish could beat that.

As for desert, chef Rogelio Martinez personally demoed fried banana in front of the crowd. Everyone went wild when they saw the flame coming out of the pan in front of their eyes. What a great ending to our meal.

I must say, Casa Oaxaca knows how to throw a party. The food was delicious and the presentation was unique and beautiful. Culver City is lucky to have them to serve the community and if you haven't tried them, you should.

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