Monday, June 20, 2016


Every year since I left WA, I have been saying I would go back for the shrimping season to catch some spot prawns with my buddy. Finally during this year, I had enough vacation time and decided to drag slave girl and some friends to enjoy shrimp hunting.

Allow me to give a quick background on spot prawn season. The shrimp is typically 5 to 6 inches long and only available for recreation catch in the month of May every year. It used to be weekends only but I heard this year the shrimp population has increased and daily catch during the month was available. Here is the wiki link for the shrimp. If you are interested, a shellfish license is also required before you go out.

The easiest way for tourists like us was to charter a boat because the boat captain would handle everything during the trip. Things like preparing the bait, take you to the "spot", drop the cages and counting them after. You could also bring adult beverages for your party, but the boat captain would not drink with you because it is considered DUI if they are caught. We made a reservation for $120 per person ride but unfortunately the water got rough and our original captain lost his cages to the sea and we got cancelled. Luckily, with my buddy's endless effort, he found another one with a very short notice for $150 per person. At this point, that price looked reasonable and we just wanted to go out to get some shrimp.

Shrimp trapping cages

Jellyfish in hand!

It was a nice day out and we enjoyed the boat ride very much. After we dropped the cages, we were taken to some secret spots to see the seals. About 2-3 hours later, we headed back to collect the cages and see what went in.

SHRIMPS!!! Lots of shrimps, plus a baby Dungeness crab, and that's only the first cage!! The limit is 80 shrimp per person per day. Just for the experience, it was already worth it. Not to mention Asian supermarket selling them for $25.99/lbs.

After we counted all the shrimps, we had some leftovers for us to eat it sashimi style. I really wished we had soy sauce and wasabi.

The night at the kitchen, we boiled as many shrimps as we could possible eat, we even made a shrimp pasta with it.

At the end of the day, we were all shrimped out and just couldn't eat anymore. Until next year!

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