Friday, June 17, 2016


Me and slave girl were in the area and saw this place in the same plaza with 85 degrees. It was dinner time and we decided to drop in and check out what's good and what not.

Business hour

Bar area

The parking was easy since the lot was pretty big. Inside the restaurant, there was a bar area that only serves beer and wine. Sushi bar seating was also available. I noticed they have 3 private rooms as well so maybe birthday party in the future?

Private room

Semi private seatting

For dinner we had assorted sashimi, dashimaki (rolled up pan fried egg), soba (wheat noodles) in hot broth and cold dip style. For dessert we got green tea brulee and black sesame ice cream.

Menu in Japanese AND English, take your pick

Sushi bar area

The sashimi was beautifully plated, especially to be placed on top of a hand carved ice ball. We got salmon, tuna, yellowtail, albacore, Spanish mackerel, and red snapper. The fish was fresh but sadly some pieces had tendons in them. We did found it strange that sashimi did not come with ginger and we had to ask for it... Yes, strange.

Pretty presentation

The egg was done perfectly with tofu alike texture. The only thing I wished for was a more defined seasoning. It was neither too salty nor too sweet. I couldn't tell if it was mean to taste like that at all. However, if they could roll a ham inside, that would be a hit for me.

Their soba was the best of the night, especially the cold soba. I was told they made their noodles in the back so it was always fresh and I agreed. Great texture, good flavor with the dipping sauce, everything about the soba was done right. The hot soba was not bad but the texture was a little bit weaker compared to the cold one. I believe it was because the noodles was soaked in the broth and now I understand why they use ramen instead of soba when it comes to hot broth.

Cold soba

Hot soba

The dessert was light and refreshing. Since I am not a big dessert fan, I can only tell you 85 degrees is in the same plaza and you be the judge.

Green tea cream brulee

Black sesame ice cream

Overall experience was good. The service was great especially when our tea was never empty. I would like to come back one day to try their pan fried kimchi with sliced pork. It smelled really good and I could still smell it on my clothes after I got home.

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