Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BUCCUMI - Rowland Heights, CA

I have seen this place for quite some times and was always wondering what they have to offer in order to stay in business for this long. Don't get me wrong, it's just I remember seeing different restaurants had came and gone at this same location for the past years. On one random night, I asked slave girl to check out this place with me.

Wall decor

Pasta made on site

Parking in Yes plaza was always a nightmare and this night was no difference. Perhaps one day the management company for the plaza will buy out the entire block and turn it into a 4 story high parking structure.

Freshly made pizza with open kitchen view

Variety selections of crafted soda

We let our server, Holi, knew it was our first time visit and she made some suggestions for us to order. We got meatball & egg to start and we also got duck pasta and wild mushroom pizza.


The meatball was not bad but the sauce was the best of that dish. It was seasoned well and not heavy on the acid.

Meatball and Egg

Inside of the meatball

The duck pasta was the best for the night. The meat was tender and the pasta was flavorful.

Duck Pasta

Unfortunately, the pizza didn't hit the spot for us. Even with the running egg on top, it was pretty bland. Matter of fact, I believe the egg ruined the texture of the pizza.

Wild Mushroom Pizza

Before I forget, the complimentary bread was baked well and the pickled veggie that came with it was just magical.


Can't stop picking from the jar, we finished two jars actually

Overall experience was good. Service was decent and the food stayed to its Italian core. I would come back to try Buccumi special pasta next time for sure.

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