Monday, June 6, 2016



Beef tongue, not a common ingredient to see on the dinner table. Most of them are prepared into thin slice before grilling and cooked with Korean BBQ. Unlike the Koreans, Japanese cut the beef tongue thicker and it's juicier after grilling. Lucky me actually enjoying the texture and the flavor so you would only imagine how excited I was when I learned about this place.

Wall decor

Hours of operation

For being part of the food court inside Mitsuwa Market, the parking in the area really sucks. I have been to that plaza enough and always found it easier to park underground, even though it looks scary down there.

Cash only!!

To order food was easy. All we had to do was to pick a number and that was it. The only thing I couldn't understand was the "eat in only" vs "to go ok". The price did not reflect to the food accordingly and it just felt like some random number on the board.

So focused

cook it!

Almost there...

On top of enjoying the tongues. watching them to cook was by far the most interesting thing to do in the food court. The smell of tongues slowly getting seared while sizzling on the grill was priceless and it made the wait for my meal more rewarding. This time, I got 1B and it was good as always. The soup that came with was surprisingly good also.

Beyond happy

#1, B. 12 pieces of tongue

Now they just need to accept credit cards other than cash only, the world would be a better place.

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