Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Bakery front

Tucked inside a small shopping center by silver lake in Everett, no one would expect to know there is a delicious French bakery hiding in the corner. The restaurant display sign was hard to see, the parking lot was relatively small, but that didn't stop us invading the area for some French goodies.

Since it was raining outside, we got some coffee to start our day. For food, we got a ham and cheese sandwich on a French roll, the Neapolitan and raspberry mousse.

Ham and cheese sandwich

Mixed fruit tart

The sandwich was good and hearty, but not something I would rave about. However, those pastries and desserts... so deadly and addicting. They looked vibrant and smelled like heaven, I might have left my drools on their glass case. The service was friendly as well.



Ever since I found this place, my favorite has always been the raspberry mousse. It's so fruity but not overly rich. The individual size (oh yes, they have the full cake size too!) was just enough to make me happy and still looking forward to come back for more the next time. It's not too sweet and it reminds me the Asian bakery as well.

Raspberry mousse

I can only hope this bakery stays open forever.

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