Friday, June 3, 2016


Restaurant front, always a line there

After getting up early to get some Disney seat belt purse at Harvey's, slave girl finally allowed me to get some lunch in the area. I had kitakata ramen ban nai bookmarked for some time and really interested to see what their ramen is all about, especially being the first location in the US from a popular Japanese chain.

No AMEX guys!

Here is their story...

The parking lot was pretty packed around 1p and there were about 5 groups ahead of us. After about 15-20 minutes it was finally our turn.


Topping menu

We ordered chashu ramen and kitakata ramen with seasoned egg and napa. We also ordered pan fried gyoza (dumplings) and juicy fried chicken for starters.

Table setting

Open kitchen

Chashu ramen and kitakata ramen were exactly the same thing, the only difference was the amount of the pork belly we received. They gave us a lot of napa too and could be easily shared. The most notable thing about this ramen was the broth. It was made with pork and filled with flavors. However, it was not cloudy and oily like most tonkatsu broth out there. Even though it got a little salty at the end, I would still prefer this kind of broth. The noodles was chewy and the texture was just right. It was just a really good bowl of ramen.

Kitakata ramen

Chashu ramen (12 pieces chashu) with napa cabbage

Noodle has good texture

The appetizers were also good. Gyoza was meaty and seasoned well. It came with yuzu chili paste and was very addictive.

Pan friend dumplings

Meaty filling

The juicy fried chicken was crispy outside, juicy and tender inside. It definitely lived its name on the menu.

Juicy fried chicken

Service was friendly and attentive. Our water was always filled and dirty plates were cleaned off quickly. Return trip will be planned.

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