Friday, August 5, 2016

Coqueta - San Francisco, CA

After checking out the ferry building, I made slave girl walked with me to pier 39. On the way over, we passed by coqueta and she told me her brother liked this place. Say what!? If dungeon boy liked it, it has to be good since I know he's pretty picky when it comes to food. So we dashed in and found out we could sit at the bar without reservation.

Bar view

Food menu

For starter, we ordered party size of agua de valencia (orange water)  made with blood orange juice, gin, vodka and cava. It was refreshing and packed with kicks. It definitely helped to cool us down after walking in the sun.

Since we live to eat, you bet we ordered some food and we got chicharron Croquetas de Pollo and wood grilled octopus. Croqueta was delicious, crunchy on the outside and creamy filling inside. It was especially good when we took the bite with the mandrain orange that came with the plate.

The star of the visit would be the grilled octopus. It was super tender and covered with smoky flavor. No matter how many bites I took, I just couldn't have enough.

I think I screwed up the first take on the picture, so here.

The service was great. We sat at the bar and had a good chat with our bartender, Vivian. Very attentive and friendly. It was a blast watching her making all the drinks. She even let us tried the seaweed vodka before making the martini for me. Sure enough, it wasn't my thing. The wait staff was also walking around the restaurant with bunch of pintxos on a board for whoever wanted to try the bite size skewers.

We love the food, the service, and cozy decor. We couldn't wait to come back again to try the wood grilled bone in 32 oz ribeye!

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