Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bardot - Claremont, CA

It's that time of the month again, monthly lunch meet up with grandma!! For this month, slave girl and I looked around and decided to give this little charming place called Bardot a try.

Located a block away from the farmer's market, it sure was packed when we arrived for lunch around 12:40 on a Sunday. The parking could be challenging but there was a lot behind the restaurant so it wasn't horrible. Bardot had a beautiful outdoor seating but BBQing grandma under the sun was not the best idea after all. Bar seating was first come first serve, but the chair wasn't suitable for grandma. At the end we got a booth. It was private, modern and fashionable with plenty of AC blasting.

Slave girl hungry, you just can't tell

For starter, I got bottomless mimosa. They gave me a glass of full champagne and a jar of oj. Well, I am sure they gave me oj for decorational purpose.

The champagne they used for mimosa

We ordered salmon rillettes to share. The salmon spread was creamy but make sure to eat it with capers because it enhanced the dish and brought out the sweetness of the salmon. Sadly, we finished the baguettes with a lot of spread left but our lovely server, Lauren, did not hesitate to bring more baguettes when we asked for it.

After spread over the bread

For the entrees, I decided grandma needed more cholesterol in her diet so I got her Baltimore crab burger. I assumed it was good since she didn't share and finished the whole plate with a smile. Slave girl got berries and cream brulee waffle and a side of bacon. If you have followed me for awhile, you would know how much I love sweet stuff. So yep, I knew nothing about that dish except, bacon was good.

Baltimore crab burger

Berries and cream brulee waffle

Side order bacon

I got que paso burger and it was also good especially with a fried egg in the middle. I liked how they had a whole piece of pepper covering the burger patty instead of sliced peppers, less messy and guaranteed to be in your mouth on every bite. I stole one of the bacon strip from slave girl and put it in my burger. I know, it's cheating, but everything taste better with bacon. It's the fact. When I made the order, I was asked how I wanted my egg and burger cooked. Small thing like that made me happy.

Que paso burger

Overall I was extremely pleased with the food, the service and the environment. I could only imagine how beautiful and romantic the patio seating can be at the night time. One of these days I shall be back with slave girl, just the two of us.

In case you need to find restroom, go out of this door then turn left. You are welcome.

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