Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kai Ramen - Alhambra, CA

Slave girl said ramen, I said let's go. Without knowing where she had in mind, we ended up at Kai Ramen since we didn't make it last time (went to China Tasty by accident...). Well that's cool, I have never been to this place anyway.

Spicy pickle, $2

To be honest, I was a little worried about this placed purely based on its location. That's right, I really don't want to have another Chinese style Japanese ramen. After I went inside and looked around what other people ordered, I felt a little better. Then I saw the menu, I was relived.

Side salad

We ordered original tonkatsu and red dragon. On the side we got spicy fried chicken and the octopus ball. The side salad was tasty with vinegar and black sesame dressing. The octopus ball was one of the better ones I had. To my surprise, the broth was actually really good and addicting. I also found out they have garlic press as well at the cost of $1.50 (free with Yelp check-in). Sure it wasn't marinated like some other places, but it still enhanced the flavor of my already delicious ramen to the next level. Oh so happy.

Octopus balls

Pressed garlic

Original pork bone broth ramen

Red Dragon

You may wonder why I haven't mentioned the spicy fried chicken. It was because our server forgot to put it down. Being a fatty I am, I told them I still wanted it even my ramen was nearly gone. The chicken had a glaze over and it was sticky, but oh that chicken was damn good. It was fried perfectly and portion was well worth. At the end, our server felt bad for forgetting the order so we got comp with almond pudding, which was also good. Silky and smooth but not overly sweet. Love it.

Spicy friend chicken

Almond pudding

Later in life, we came back to try the yellow dragon, black dragon, and sesame fried chicken. Yellow dragon was packed with corn and cheese. It was creamy with a bit of spicy. Black dragon was packed with garlic oil, dried garlic and sauteed garlic. The flavor was bold and garlicky. Not disappointing at all. The fried chicken was done like the spicy fried chicken, I have to say someone really knows how to fried food in the kitchen there.

Sesame friend chicken

Yellow Dragon

Black Dragon

I am so glad I found this place since I lost my favorite ramen spot around my place. This, is my new favorite ramen place now and I will return to try the dipping ramen soon.

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