Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Butler & The Chef Bistro - San Francisco, CA

Slave girl and I finally made it to San Francisco by train. Since it was still bright and early, we figured we should put something in our tummy before the long walk we were about to face. After some random search, we decided on the Butler and the Chef.

Cozy seats

Bar area

When we approached the restaurant, I was instantly in love with the place. The bright yellow wall, cute outdoor seats facing the park (currently under construction with no view), what's there not to love? After we walked in, it was even better! The interior design was cozy and very European like.

The menu wasn't large but it had everything we wanted for breakfast. We ordered la parisienne (ham egg cheese crepes), croque mademoiselle (hot turkey cheese sandwich), and two coffees. I was a little worried about the portion since I was hungry but it turned out I worried for nothing. Both dishes came with salad and everything was very tasty and fresh. Slave girl was not sold on the savory crepes but I freaking love it.

Egg, ham, and cheese crepe

Hot turkey cheese sandwich

Slave girl's pro plating skill

Service was also good. Friendly, fast, and knowledgeable. The most impressive thing was he was able to estimate the arriving time for our food. We got a good kick on that one.

Notice the sugar cube? Hard to see that now days.

Overall experience was very good. The price was a little high but the price reflected to the quality of the ingredients, plus we were in San Francisco, so we kind of expected it. Next time when we are back, I want to try the egg benedict for sure since everyone and their moms and cousins were ordering it.

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