Monday, July 11, 2016

Soju Belly - Garden Grove, CA

Crazy late night fun continued and the group decided to come to Soju Belly after eating so much food for dinner already. Slowly walking through a dark ally, we found the restaurant with a bouncer outside. Yes! No kids inside!

The restaurant was loud and packed with good vibes. The service was decent. They had a bell on the table so if you need service for anything, just hit it.

We got seafood pancake, kimchi fried rice, and ramen with cheese. The seafood pancake was made very well. Tasty, oily, and packed with plenty of squid legs. One of the better ones I have ever had. Kimchi rice was freaking delicious. Covered with a sunnyside egg, I could say this was one of the best kimchi fried rices ever. The ramen with cheese was interesting. I have put egg inside ramen before but never thought of using cheddar cheese. While the ramen was nothing special, that broth was very creamy and heavenly. We finished everything with our full stomach. Oooo emmmm geeeeeee.

Kimchi fried rice

Seafood pancake

Ramen with cheese

Now with drinks. Those are the stars of this place. We got watermelon soju, pineapple soju, and lychee soju. The watermelon soju came in with a real watermelon filled with liquor mix. It was another oh my goodness moment. It was very refreshing and tasty to a point you can't even taste the soju . After emptying the drinks, don't forget to scrap off the watermelon meat inside. All the soju was soaked in with the watermelon meat and that was what got us at the end. Pineapple soju also came with a real pineapple and equally refreshing. It operates the same as watermelon at the end. Lychee soju was very delicious too but, well, didn't come with little lychee shells like watermelon and pineapple, how disappointing... Kidding.

Watermelon soju

Pineapple soju

Lychee soju

We totally came in with no expectations and left with fully satisfied belly. Oh, soju belly.

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