Monday, July 25, 2016

Copenhagen Sausage Garden - Solvang, CA

Slave girl and I were on a tour to San Francisco and we stopped by the town to breath some fresh Denmark air on US soil. Our stop was short so we had to grab something fast. Slave girl said they had good sausages and I had doubts because my sausage should be the best, period. Anyway, after a quick research we found this place.

Outdoor dinning

Ordering counter and pickup window for drinks

On the first sight of the restaurant, I thought it was someone's backyard then I realized it was actually the seating area for the customers. We placed our orders with the nice girl who made some suggestions on what we should get. Then we got our number, picked up our drinks from the small window then went on to find an empty seat.

They had plenty of mustards with all kind of flavors and styles to choose from. They also had sauerkraut in a warmer for your convenience. Basically, you had to help yourself with everything on the premises. We ordered the sampler that came with 3 sausages, we got hot Italian, currywurst, and kielbasa. We also got a pretzel and fries. On the side, I grabbed stone ground mustard, spicy brown, Russian mustard, cranberry mustard, hot and sweet sauce, and curry ketchup.

So many choices!

I love ground stone!

Sauerkraut on the warmer

After we got everything, we tried to mix and match on the sausages with the mustards. We had decided the best combo was hot Italian with cranberry mustard, currywurst with hot and sweet or Russian mustard, and  kielbasa with spicy brown or stone ground. Leave the curry ketchup to the fries because that's how we roll. Truly though, try it with everything and anything, you might find what you like that's better than our mix.



Sampler, comes with 3 of your choice

Feast on!

Overall dining experience was pleasant. The only issue was the flies due to outdoor seating. They were more thirsty than the town milf and I just couldn't get them away from my sausage. I would come back and chill when I stop by the town again.

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