Monday, July 18, 2016

Tokyo Central - West Covina, CA

Usually slave girl and I don't come to West Covina unless there was a Groupon deal. Today, thanks to our friend Charlie T., we learned about this tuna cutting event at Tokyo Central Market in West Covina on Saturday,  7/16/2016. Sad thing was I had a dental appointment so we missed all the cutting show and fun presentation. Luckily, we were still in time for the sushi making part, which was the highlight for us fatties.

Sushi grade fish

Once inside, we passed by bunch of food samples on the way walking back to the seafood section. There are noodles, green teas, and beef. All were very tasty but the anticipation of the tuna was way exceeding the excitement of the samples.

Master sushi chef hidden in the market

When we finally got to the sushi line, we were so excited. There were only two choices, 5 pieces for $10 and 10 pieces for $20. At first I didn't realized what part of the fish they were giving out then I found out it was a mix of bluefin and toro. Holy smoke! That's $2 a piece and  there is no way you can find that deal in general.

Front: toro; Back: bluefin

The cut was thick and satisfying. They had no tendon and packed with flavors. It didn't melt in my mouth due to the generous size, but could we really complain about the size?

Fresh made poke bowl

Not so amazing chirashi bowl

To complete our trip, we also had an order of poke bowl and chirashi bowl. Poke bowl was made to order and the freshness of the fish was way better than any poke joints in the area. Sadly, the chirashi bowl was a bust with way too many tendons and rice. It was not something we would recommend when you go there.

Fatty fest

Overall, the market had so many options for food choices and so many more to offer. If you have a crave for Japanese anything, go for it!

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