Thursday, May 5, 2016

ZHENG'S FUSION - City of Industry, CA

Restaurant front
I got family in town and grandma decided to call a family gathering meal. It would have been easy but she wanted a place with a private room. After some searching here and there, we ended up with zheng's fusion. The minimum charge for the private room was $380, but with 9 adults and 3 kids, it wasn't that hard to meet the requirement.

Interior inside
The best part was they allowed us to bring our own alcohol without corkage fees. You bet we definitely took advantage of the nearby Costco boozes.

Spicy beef thing

Braised pork rib thing

Shredded bean curd thing

Sauteed crab with salty yolk thing
When slave girl and I arrived the restaurant, all the dishes were already ordered so we didn't have to worry about what or not to order. The only issue however was we had no idea what the names were for the dishes we got, so good luck with the pictures on this post.

Honey walnut shrimp, oh yes, I know this one for sure.

French style beef cube thing

Braised pork belly with steam bun thing

Woked spicy lamb thing
The food was overall above average, especially the spicy shrimp thing.

Spicy shrimp thing
While most of the dishes were good, some of them were just hit or miss for us, like the pork and the bamboo shoots thing. It was totally wtf for sure.

Pork with bamboo thing
The service was most excellent especially in the private room. They dedicated one person just to handle our room and she was extremely accommodating to our needs. All the requests were fulfilled quickly but yet still very friendly. It probably helped since our party speaks Chinese, but either way I was impressed by the service received.

That green veggie thing

Sour fish and tofu soup thing

Their version of dan dan noodles

The dessert, rice rolls cover with sugar

They have ice cream too!!

For less and less Chinese places around the area that have private rooms, I am glad we found this one and I hope they would stay for long.

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