Friday, May 6, 2016


So I fail and didn't take a picture in the front
I was in the area for a dental appointment, after trolling around the plaza, I saw this big post on the window says "$14.99 AYCE Shabu Shabu lunch, 7 days a week." The picture looks attractive and I was plenty hungry. Sure let's try it.


Cozy and simple
For $14.99 all you can eat, the food quality was actually really good. Meat selection includes beef, chicken, fish, and pork belly. You get $2 off if you get beef belly only.

Beef, nom nom nom
Chicken was surprisingly tender but the star of the AYCE was the fish. Those thick cut could hold in the boil broth and delicious as hell.

Chunk fish, yum
On the self serving bar, there were white and brown rice, 3 kinds of noodles, napa cabbage, tofu, spinach, onion, and sliced radish for your veggie need.

Pork belly
Sauces to mix includes ponzu, sweet chili, sesame sauce, Sriracha with grounded radish and garlic on the side. There are 4 different soup bases to choose from, but 3 of them costs extra to get. If eating light and healthy is your style, the shabu shabu broth would be just fine.

Self serve veggie

Self serve sauce
Service was a little slow during rush hour due to the lack of staff but they were super nice and helpful when we got their attention. I really wish they could have one more staff, but that might drive the AYCE price up.

Brown rice!
Overall, it was an awesome lunch experience and return trips will be made in the future.

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