Monday, May 23, 2016


Restaurant front

Ever since I saw stinking rose when I went to Newport seafood from across the street, I have always wanted to try this place. The restaurant looks interesting from outside and the concept of using garlic on everything intrigues me. This night, in the name of birthday celebration, I found a reason to check this place out finally.


Valet parking is on site for $5.50, cash only. Slave girl and I do not believe in paying to park so we went to our usual spot on Wilshire and took a 5 min hike for free street parking.

Front door

Garlic display

Loads of hot sauces

We had 8 people in our party and there was no problem for us to get seated. One strange thing was, we made a reservation ahead and when we checked in before our friends (I know, we were first on site for once!), we were told no seating until the full party was there but they did find the name on the list. Later on when friends got there, they told her they couldn't find her name at all on the list... Strange...

Bar area

Live piano performance where you can sit at the piano

Martini lis

Basil lugosi, delicious and refreshing
Inside seating area

Full menu

Our table ordered all different kind of food, but for me and slave girl, we got the garlic noodles and 16 oz prime rib to share.

Raw and spicy minced garlic

We also got the roasted garlic and mussels + shrimp in iron skillet as table appetizers. They have minced garlic in a jar and garlic oil on the table. Minced garlic was raw and spicy and they definitely helped to enhance our meal.

Complimentary house garlic bread

Roasted garlic in iron skillet

The roasted garlic was roasted throughly but for being just garlicky with no other taste. Even though there was a hint of anchovy, it was just a hint and was pretty bland. I wish it was seasoned a little then it would be perfect.

Mussels + Shrimp in iron skillet

The mussels + shrimp was done excellently especially with  the shrimp. I would recommend to order just the shrimp and get your money worth.

Garlic noodles, can add shrimp or chicken to it

The garlic noodle was garlicky but kind of dry to me. As I have mentioned earlier, the garlic oil came to rescue and it was good after mixing it in.

Prime rib! so good!! But the sides... sigh...

We ordered the prime rib to medium rare and it was done beautifully. There wasn't too much fat and texture was just right. The only thing I wish to be done better was the creamed spinach and the mashed potato that came with the prime rib. It was seriously the worst creamed spinach I have ever tasted.

Dungeness carb, yum.

One of our friends ordered dungeness crab and we got the pity piece to try. It was marinated in garlic sauce before it was cooked and it was tasty.

Complimentary birthday dessert, garlic ice cream, interestingly good

NO CORKAGE FEE! (I forgot to ask how many bottles, sorry)

Our service was mediocre. A lot of times we just grabbed whoever passed by to get what we needed since our server was always busy with other tables. Everyone was friendly and never declined our requests. Since it was our friend's birthday, she got to wear the garlic hat and blow some candles. If it pleases you, you can request wear the hat during the entire meal too.

Fun birthday garlic hat

Overall, it was a pleasant experience but nothing to woo ahhh about. The food was OK but not worth the returning trip. They do make really good martinis and the bar had nice decor. To me this is more of a happy hour hop. Check it out at least once for sure.

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