Monday, May 9, 2016


Cute tea cup from Higo Sushi

Every year people are obligated to do something nice for their mothers and this year is no exception. Since my mom visited me from out of town during this time, I decided to take her to Higo and showed her a different take on sushi. This was not my first time visiting Higo Sushi and everytime bugie me would get omakase. Higo continued to impress me when I went back with something different and their food presentation has always woo ahh the friends I brought with me every single time.

Since it was mother's day, I made a reservation to sit at the bar. That was the best decision ever especially when I saw a long line waiting outside upon our arrival. The staff gave us a warm welcome and seated us right away.

At Higo, omakase starts at $40 and up. After we told Chef Richard we wanted $60 omakase, we got our ginger/wasabi board with a appetizer, which was grilled salmon in a soy based vinaigrette sauce. Yum.

Salmon appetizer

Our first course was sashimi salad. Fish were diced into little chunks and left on the side of the plate for us to consume at our own pace. The salad itself was a little over seasoned but it was still pretty good.

Sashimi Salad

Second course was prepared by Chef Luis and we got sea bream, albacore, octopus, tuna, yellow tail, toro, and deep fried sea bream bones with head on. All fish had no tendons in them and they were fresh and tasty.

Sashimi plate. From left to right, bottom to top: Sea bream, albacore, octopus; tuna, yellowtail, toro; deep friend sea bream bones

We were also given 3 different types of dipping sauce for our sashimi. Each one of them were unique and did not over power the fish at all.

Sashimi dipping sauce, we favor the left one the most.

Third course was flash fried octopus legs accompanied by chimichurri sauce, yuca, and fried corn. The octopus was soft and cooked perfectly.

Delicious octopus legs

The fourth course was kitchen food sampler which included seafood jalea, garlic shrimp "al ajo", cevich mixto, and seared toro on a stick.

Kitchen Sampler

Ceviche Mixto

Garlic Shrimp "al ajo"

Seafood Kalea

Seared Toro on a stick with Yuca and Mustard

We were given the Peruvian crack sauce (the green spicy sauce) for the sampler and it was a perfect match for the food.

The crack sauce is for real

At this point, we were getting full, but it was not over! The next course, we got the live scallop 2 ways.

Live Scallop two way

First one was sliced scallop on top of cucumber with yuzu sauce, and the second one was scallop dynamite. The 2 dishes were from the same shell but had totally different vibe to it. Scallop sashimi was refreshing and light while dynamite was packed with flavors and good texture of krab and scallop mix.

Scallop Sashimi with cucumber and yuzu sauce

Scallop Dynamite

Just when we thought this would be it, we got seared toro next with garlic sauce. It was a great piece of fish and it was so freaking good. We were asked if we were still hungry after that and it would be insane to say yes so we moved on with dessert.

Seared Toro with garlic sauce

For dessert, we got lucuma ice cream, lucuma moose, and two other sweet treats. Mom was pleased.

Dessert Flight

So after we paid for the meal while slave girl in the restroom, I was talking to Chef Luis and trying to find out how often they get live uni (oh yes, they do!), he asked me if I like uni. Well HECK YES I LOVE UNI! He then told me they actually had uni from Santa Barbara and if I would like to try them. Oh my god I was so full at that time but he was so passion about his uni. I just couldn't resist and said yes. It was a piece of creamy sweet heaven in my mouth. Thank you for the complimentary uni dessert, Chef.

hmmm, that Santa Barbara Uni made my night.

Higo also has lunch special and it is great value. I should go back for lunch one of these days.

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