Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shen Yang Restaurant - San Gabriel, CA

Friends invited slave girl and I out of our cave for some chows. We weren't really told what we were having other than friends wanted this soup thing. Oh yes, in friends we trust and we ended up at Shen Yang. I was pretty excited when I saw their menu because it was northeast Chinese region dishes and I have never had it before. Which is why I couldn't tell you if the food was authentic, but who cares as long I liked the taste, right?

We got preserved sour cabbage soup packed with pork bellys, blood sausages, and glass noodles. The broth was a sour and salty combined deliciousness especially after the glass noodles soaked up all the flavors, hmmmm, those tasty glass noodles. The most interesting paet to me was the blood sausage. It looked like they just filled the blood of something into a sausage casing and boiled it. It tasted less processed compared to the taiwanese style blood cube but yet, addicting. We also found out the broth could be refilled.

Then we got stir fry intestines, that was flavorful as well and good with beer. Same thing with stir fry beef we got.

Now, the last dish we had was interesting. It was just chicken bones. Yep, minimum meat with racks of bones. While I had no idea why people would pay to buy bones, friends really enjoyed sucking on the bones due to the cumin flavor. Maybe it's a northeast China thang?

Overall, food was tasty and different. Service was meh, especially when one of the server dropped something with liquid and splashed on me without saying a word to me. I wasn't mad because I got even with tips. Would I go back? Oh yes, I am a sucker for trying new things and there are more to offer still.

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