Sunday, October 2, 2016

Birdies - Los Angeles, CA

This was how it happened. Co-worker was talking about Peruvian chicken at east Hollywood and that triggered my craving for fried chicken. Oh I know, random as usual. After looking through everything around us, we were settled for Birdies because it sounded better than Junk in the Box and it was only two blocks away from us.

Birdies served fried chicken, chicken sandwich, coffee and donuts. When we walked in, we were greeted right away and treated with donut samples. The sample portion was generous and the staff was friendly. The place was pretty small but very cozy.


Donut display

Sample station

I got Birdies spicy, a fried chicken breast sandwich with coleslaw, ghost pepper mayo, pepperjack cheese and cured pickles. It took awhile for our orders to come out because it was made to order, but the wait was worth it. Chicken itself was very juicy and tender. I think the chicken was marinated before the bread coating because I could taste the spice with just the chicken breast alone. The bread coating had just enough spice and did not overpower everything else in between the buns. The best part was the buns. It had croissant texture and tasted buttery. One of the best chicken sandwiches I've had.

Apparently, we could also order fries but we had to ask for it since it wasn't on the menu. We didn't realize until the sandwich was half way gone but we ordered it anyway. We received the fries in wedges style and they were made fresh daily. However, they were on limited supply and could be sold out before closing time. The wedges were meaty and delicious especially dipping with ghost pepper mayo.

Before we left, I decided to be awesome and got slave girl a strawberry white chocolate donut. Birdies made their donuts in small batches and came out fresh based on the customer demand. I heard lemon thyme pistachio was good, maybe some other time. Slave girl later told me strawberry white chocolate was mmmmmmm! good.

With such a short distance from work and quality food they serve, I would say Birdies is definitely a place for me to go back again. Even though I disagree with the price of the food ($10 for a fist size sandwich was a bit much...), I would still go back to try Birdies breakfast sandwich.

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