Monday, October 31, 2016

Monterey Palace Restaurant - Monterey Park, CA

ok ok, I failed to take a picture of the restaurant front.

Dear friend of mine was celebrating birthday and asked slave girl and I to come to this restaurant before shot, shot, shot at the rabbit hole. I am usually not big on Chinese banquet style because sharing is 100% not caring. But heck, friend's getting old and I might as well show some support once a year.

When we arrived, we found out there was a wedding going on already at the restaurant so parking was a nightmare in the tiny lot they got. However street parking saved the day even though it was a distance to the restaurant. Our party wasn't all there when we got seated in the private room. It was a little strange because we were sharing the room with another table of strangers next to us. To make sure we weren't bored and dead from the smell of the wedding food, we were given some peanuts and honey walnuts while waiting for everyone to show up.

First dish we got was the roasted suckling pig. The presentation was impressive and it was cooked perfectly. Crispy skin on the outside and tender meat in the inside over some random stuff like seaweed and jellyfish. Nom nom nom.

Mute the video please. so sorry about the loud noise.

Then we got the fish stomach soup, pig intestine stir fry, and jellyfish stir fry. Flavor didn't wow me but the texture was excellent. The intestine was done so well I thought we had squid.

fish stomach soup

pig intestine stir fry

jellyfish stir fry

Next we got sauteed pea sprouts, beef cubes with mushroom, and whole fish deep fry. I usually had fish steamed at Chinese restaurant so this was something new to me. It was crunchy, meaty, and fulfilling. I actually really like the way the fish was made.

sauteed pea sprouts

beef cubes with mushroom

whole fish deep fry

We ended our dinner with some fruit, rice ball dessert filled with sesame paste, and birthday buns for good luck. I just want to share this, I like black sesame balls.

rice ball dessert filled with sesame paste - came to the table as is

rice ball dessert filled with sesame paste

rice ball dessert filled with sesame paste

rice ball dessert filled with sesame paste

birthday buns

Overall, I had a great time with friends and I enjoyed the selection of the food we had. I would recommend this place, especially when you have an event and need a private room for your party.

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